It's time for Herbalism to take its place firmly in effective modern health care.

We have the right to take care of our own health and wellness, and improve our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Humanity has lost much of its natural instinct for self-empowered wellness and healing. Most animals still have this instinct and humanity too can regain it with gentle education and guidance.

Herbalists have traditionally flown “under the radar”, perhaps to avoid scrutiny and suspicion of something that, before scientific research and because it was not fully understood, had an air of mysticism and witchcraft about it. Although herbal medicine worked well for millennia, how it worked remained a mystery, until very recently. For the first time in history, thanks to scientific research, Herbal medicine for wellness and healing is both credible and explainable. 

When we are ill, or hurt ourselves, our organic chemical balance alters. Our atoms are almost identical to plant atoms. Therefore, because our organic chemical make-up is almost identical, it makes perfect sense that we need organic plant chemicals to balance our own. Its quite true that “we are what we eat”. The trick is in knowing what chemicals need re-balancing and what plants have the right levels to be effective. Your herbalist can help with that.

Our doctors are under pressure to meet growing demand as baby boomers age and become increasingly dependent. We can lighten their load, and our own pockets, by learning the basics of self empowered wellness. We can use simple safe and effective natural herbs and plants to improve most, if not all, ailments, and prevent and even reverse future deterioration. 

Herbalists can support our doctors by assisting with optimisation of the body’s systems so the body has the tools it needs to heal faster and prevent future illness. 

Our mottos…..

….Keep it simple….

….Sharing is giving….

Keeping well and healthy is not meant to be complicated. It’s true that we are what we eat, and the less processed, the better.


Our Senior Traditional Herbalist, Helena, is available for personal wellness assessments, advice and tailor-made tinctures/wellness products...

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"I think your magnesium spray might be the only thing keeping me alive at the end of this pregnancy. If I forget to use it I am up and down to the toilet, severe cramps in my feet and calves and my hands going numb and tingly. I wake up tired and groggy and am foul with my kids. If I use it before bed I sleep like a log and never wake up and I feel more vibrant, my kids get more mum time before baby comes along. It’s such a simple thing but it’s actually changing this whole experience for me. I am going to require this in IV form for the afterpains please""

- Amy -

"I can't recommend The Herblists enough, the product is amazing however what takes this to another level is the outstanding customer service. I've not stopped raving about both the oil & the service, thank you so much""

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Hi there! I just wanted to send a quick message to say THANK YOU for the Vapor Rub! This has been a godsend for my snuffly 4 year old! She gets so upset when she’s congested and we’ve tried every product available to get some relief but this has actually worked! And we love that its all natural! – Lynette S"

- Lynette -

"The magnesium spray and the lip balm are AMAZING - I'm sleeping better, my achy bones are peaceful and my lips are loving the balm ♡ Thank you!!""

- Louise -

I have been using you pet magnesium on my anxious pup for a week or so now and OMG! I have noticed a difference in his behaviour already! He hates the wind and when we last had a windy night he slept right through it when he would usually be up barking all night. Great product thanks. – Stephen B"

- Stephen -

"Beautifully packaged spray and the spray is so good - sleeping so well and really effective for my crampy legs. Overnight shipping and very well priced. Highly recommend.""

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"mr4 is usually really hard to settle at night and can take 30-40mins to get him asleep, I've sprayed his feet with the magnesium spray the past 3 nights at pj time and he's fallen asleep within 5mins - it's truly amazing!!!""

- Darelle -

"i love the magnesium and boron spray i suffer badly from cramp and restless legs and i haven't had an issue since using the spray. i also bought a bottle for my mother who has really bad arthritis in her fingers and she said the spray has helped so much that she now has alot less pain and can actually touch the effected joints with no along with the swelling in joints decreasing. highly recommend this product""

- Sacha -

"Love this spray my 4 year old doesn't wake up with growing pains anymore I had my first pregnancy with no calf muscle cramping highly recommend ""

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