We can’t stress enough just how important Magnesium is right now in the fight to protect ourselves from Covid-19.

The right balance of vitamins and minerals WILL help us to regulate our immune response.

Our immune response to viruses depends on the organic chemical balance of our bodies.

It’s frightening to see articles claiming vitamins and minerals are not important, and some even claiming they can be dangerous. NOT getting the right vitamins and minerals is dangerous, and deadly in the long-term. Should we just continue to eat rubbish and rely on drugs to fix our ailments? Is long-term social distancing a better answer than wellness? Are a ventilator and drugs; an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, better? Should we discourage safe prevention and protection? Should we discourage self-empowered wellness?

If you fill your car with bad fuel, it’s likely to develop symptoms of decay much faster than if you fill your car with premium fuel.

Why would our bodies not be as important as our cars? If we fill our bodies with the right fuel, they must function better. The equation is quite simple. Good fuel = better performance. Poor or depleted fuel = poor performance. Keeping well is not meant to be complicated.

Magnesium is the 4th most important mineral for life itself, and proven to be absolutely essential to the effective workings of more than 300 functions of the body and mind. These days, most of our foods are depleted of magnesium, due to modern farming techniques, so 80% of us DON’T get enough. So 80% of us a poorly fuelled. That means 80% of us are deteriorating faster than we have to, both inside and out because more than 300 functions of our bodies and minds are not getting sufficient fuel to function optimally.

Magnesium is so important to wellness; it has become the most researched mineral in history. It has been proven to be absolutely essential for regulating our response to existing viruses (static immune response) and critically right now, for regulating our response to new viruses (acquired immune response).

This doesn’t mean we won’t get the virus, but it means we can be better equipped to fight it off.

Importantly, you can only get 5-20% of magnesium value orally, but 95% topically (via the skin). So spray on magnesium is by far superior to oral magnesium, in usually far cheaper.


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"I think your magnesium spray might be the only thing keeping me alive at the end of this pregnancy. If I forget to use it I am up and down to the toilet, severe cramps in my feet and calves and my hands going numb and tingly. I wake up tired and groggy and am foul with my kids. If I use it before bed I sleep like a log and never wake up and I feel more vibrant, my kids get more mum time before baby comes along. It’s such a simple thing but it’s actually changing this whole experience for me. I am going to require this in IV form for the afterpains please""

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I'm happy to report that the package with your products arrived today.
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